Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby Einstein

Do you think that if I let Baby Boy watch Baby Einstein for as long as he wants, he will turn into a genius? Seriously, the kid would watch it all. day. long. If I let him. t the rate he is going, genius status can not be far away.

I discovered at a very early age he is TV addicted. The first thing he wiggled his little body around to pay attention to was not my attentive, smiling, baby-talking self, but the TV.

TV-1 Mom-0

At the tender age of 3 months, he managed to rotate his little body around in a circle, a la The 3 Stooges, to peer inquistively at Dora instead of forming synapses from the stimulation of the infant activity mat that I painstakingly chose from it's, ahem, educational value.

TV-2 Mom-0

Now today I am cleaning like a woman possessed because school starts in 2 days and I know my house won't be cleaned again until Christmas break. Well, maybe Thanksgiving break. Let's think positively. :) I decide to put Baby DaVinci in, even though it clearly states 9 months and up. Hello, Baby Boy is an advanced TV watcher. I have now proceeded to let him watch it 3 times. He is bouncing away in his bouncy seat, contently talking to the Einstein puppets. Meanwhile, I have

1- folded 2 loads of clothes

2-matched up a basketful of socks

3-directed the pressure washing of the back porch

4-kept The Wild Indian from 'working out' on the big boys' Soloflex

5-washed the dishes

6-changed the sheets in the big boys' room

7-kept The Wild Indian from using the pressure washer to 'dig for worms'

8-swept and mopped the kitchen and dining room

9-posted this entry

TV-2 Mom-10 (for using said TV to it's full potential)

Believe it or not, ALL the little boys like Baby Wordsworth. Don't believe me? I have proof, see below.

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  1. :) We have very similar feelings on this subject. Except my baby boy isn't even into the educational stuff. He tends to like Mom and Dad's stuff. He rotates himself to see the TV too and flipped from tummy time on a colorful quilt to his back so he could watch cycling. Stinker. And his sister watches a lot more Sesame Street than I ever thought I'd let her watch. But it gives me a little break, makes her content, and at least it's sort of educational. Whether or not it's helping her with her alphabet and number recognition, I can tell myself it does.