Monday, September 7, 2009

long time no see...

The first month of school has officially kicked my ass.

The first month of school has kicked The Wild Indian's ass too.

My favorite note in the agenga was something like this
-not bieng nice to others
-not bieng nice to to teacher
-running in classroom
-swordfighting with pencils

followed closely behind
-called someone an idiot and was not honest about it
-screaming at top of lungs in cafeteria

Oh Sweet Mother of God, pray for my sanity.

Now this past week he got all smilies!!!!!!!!!!!!! His treasure box pick? A blow up sword. Crap.

On a better note, the older boys (including the Dad) have been enjoying the river. They went fly fishing a couple of weeks ago and had a blast. Thanks Greg! Dad thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Followed by some shark fishing last weekend. David was about to give up, but Dad wouldn't let him. So after some gnashing of teeth and much grunting...

he landed a pretty fun catch.


  1. Now that's fishing, true fishermen can not only hook these kinds of fish, they can actually land them. I'm not sure about the older lad, but the young one looks like he just found some treasure. It's good to see some true fishermen who can still enjoy an old traditional pastime without a computer or cell phone predicating what direction in life to take. Thanks for the memories, when fishing brought us back to nature, when catching the big one meant something, and when life was as simple as sitting and waiting for that moment when you were challenged by the unknown. Anytime a father and son can appreciate this special time doing what they do best is a blessing, especially when it's a productive occasion. Justin and David apparently have this kind of special relationship, one which involves a love that goes deeper than any fish in the sea. Jim Evans.