Saturday, October 10, 2009

3 sick kids at one time=1 mom losing her mind

2 phone calls from 2 different carecare providers in 1 day is a very bad thing. On Wednesday, Baby Boy woke up from morning nap with a fever and cough. JT woke up from afternoon nap with a fever and a cough. then The Wild Indian woke up from his afternoon nap in the truck on the way home with a fever. Fun times! At least they are all sick at once and it's a long weekend. 3 screaming, blubbering, hot mess of kids at the doctor's office at one time was enough to make me want to go to work.

Well, I decided to see if a cup would make him happy, and the answer was yes. WTH? Can't you just stay a baby?
Then JT wanted "picture too" so here it is.

Today, everyone but JT is feeling a lot better. Baby Boy is sitting by himself finally. He is crawling all over the place, but still can't get into a sitting position by himself. Backwards boy.


  1. You make such adorable boys! I especially love that last picture of the grinning Baby Boy.