Saturday, July 10, 2010

Yes...I am crazy

A lot of my friends think I have lost my mind. "Why?!?!" They say!! I swear, it is almost a dirty little secret. Yes, I cloth diaper. Yes, I am the only person I know that does. Yes, I have tried to convert some friends. Alas, they didn't take the plunge.

I get it. It can be nasty, but not as nasty as the 8am blow out that was so incredibly vile that Baby Boy had poo in his hair by the time I got his clothes off of him. There is nothing like a crap-tastic explosion to start the day. Now I have to disinfect the bathtub. sigh.
Here is an old picture of a very little JT in his very first cloth diaper. It is a medium sized fuzzi bunz that Baby Boy had on yesterday.
Cloth really isn't that bad people. They are super cute. You don't feel like white trash when your kid is running around in their diaper. You are saving Lord knows how many tons of crap (literally and figuratively) from the landfill. It's two extra loads of laundry a week. In a house with as many people in it as mine, two loads of laundry is NOTHING.

Check out some of the stores that specialize in cloth diapers. Trust me, it is NOT your mother's cloth anymore.
Try for super duper cute fitteds. Unfortunately also way out of my price range.
I first took the plunge with a sample pack from
Check out the original home of the Bumgenius.
I think I am going to replace some of my shot favorites with some Blueberry pockets.

My one true love is no longer available for purchase. That is a good thing. It seems that the fabric they used has a tendency to separate. Really now? When I washed last time I discovered, to my horror, that all but one of my breathable Haute Pockets have separated (aka. lost their waterproof layer) Half my stash, gone!!!! The big decision is to replace with something else or not? I don't know if I can justify purchasing a partially new stash for a kid that is almost 18 months old and doesn't use cloth at day care.

Too bad I didn't have girls. JT told me yesterday that "Girls don't poop." Hmmm. That's a mighty high standard you have for your future mate, big guy.

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